Track 1 - Characterization & Modulation of Neurophysiological Signals

SS101.- New approaches for targeted neuromodulation of the motor nervous system (U. Ziemann, J. Ibáñez, S. Piazza)

SS102.- Therapeutic potential of neuromodulation of the spinal cord (R. Fuentes)

SS103.- Data mining and physiological signal (J. Abascal, J. Muguerza)

SS104.- Operant conditioning of spinal reflexes: From basic science to functional changes in health & disease  (N. Mrachacz-K., J. Wolpaw)

SS105.- Neural signal processing of the pathological brain (R. Hornero, J. Poza)

SS106.- Investigating neural control strategies of movement with EMG signals  (D. Farina, R. Merletti, A. Holobar)

SS107.- Experimental approaches to restore loss of function (O. Herreras)

SS108.- Investigation of the human neuromuscular system using human reflexes: Past, Present and the Future  (Kemal Turker)

SS109.- Extracting and modifying neocortical sensorimotor signals for BCI control  (Alexander Gail)

Track 2 - Empowering & Quantifying Neurorehabilitation

SS201.- Biomechanics and movement analysis in rehabilitation (J. Belda, M. P. Serra)

SS202.- Advances in Understanding Human Movement and Motor Interactions (J. González, D. Kulić)

SS203.- BCI driven approaches for motor-cognitive rehabilitation after stroke (D. Mattia, F. Cincotti)

SS204.- Role of input synergies for rehabilitation (S. Shimoda)

SS205.- Muscle synergies: towards clinically oriented applications (D. Torricelli, Cristiano de Marchis)

SS206.- Human gait simulation for exoskeleton design and patient adaptation (J.M. Font-Llagunes, F.J. Alonso, J. Cuadrado)

SS207.- Interpersonal Rehabilitation Games (E. Burdet)

SS208.- Gaming and rehabilitation (F. Brunetti, R. Raya)

SS209.- Clinical needs and prospects of neurorehabilitation technology in SCI (A. Gil-Agudo)

SS210.- Indirect measures of brain activity: a window into the mind (Laura Dempere-Marco, Jordi Solé-Casals)

SS211.- Novel technologies & natural sensory feedback for phantom limb pain modulation and therapy (T. Stieglitz, W. Jensen)

SS212.- Experimental approaches for restoring hand function (Marco Santello)

Track 3 - Rehabilitation Robotics & Neuroprosthetics

SS301.- Wearable human-robot interfaces for upper limb functional recovering (N. Vitiello, N. García)

SS302.- Motor Neuroprosthetics (T. Keller)

SS304.- FES and wearable robot systems in rehabilitation and assistance of locomotion (J.C. Moreno)

SS306.- Next generation Bionics (F. Thorsteinsson)

SS307.- Soft wearable robotics: potential for neurorehabilitation (C. Walsh)

SS308.- Neuromechanical Modeling for Wearable Assistive Technologies (M. Sartori, M. Sreenivasa, H. van der Kooij)

SS309.- Clinically relevant advances in upper limb prosthetics (J.L. Pons)